Hire E & D Roofing, Inc., for Your Roof Installation

Hire E & D Roofing, Inc., for Your Roof Installation

Residential roofing specialists in Waynesville, Lebanon & Springboro, OH

Are you searching for an experienced roofing contractor to build a roof for your new home? Choose a contractor who has many years of experience installing roofs that last. With 25 years of residential roofing experience, E & D Roofing, Inc. is your top-choice roofer in Waynesville, Springboro & Lebanon, OH.

Learn more about our four-step installation process

Our roofing installation process ensures your roof will last for years to come. Here's how it works:

  1. First, we install a cover that protects your roof deck against wind-driven rain and allows moisture to escape your attic.
  2. Next, we install leak protection around your chimney and plumbing vents, which prevents major leakage problems and water damage down the road.
  3. Once the leakage is prevented, we install vents to help remove hot and humid air from your attic, which is a great way to bring down your energy bills.
  4. Finally, we choose shingles that match your exterior d├ęcor. Get traditional slate shingles, or you can use an online tool to choose your own color and pattern combination.

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